Virtual fairs

A simple and effective solution for virtual trade shows and fairs based on the relevance of the meetings. The PairConnex solution allows each participant to see the list of exhibitors classified by score of compatibility with their interests, in order to favor the most interesting visits. On the exhibitor side, they benefit from a micro-page on which they can display information about their company, products and representatives. This page also allows the integration of hyperlinks and videos. In addition, a private videoconferencing room is available to participants throughout the event, for live meetings.

REAI's Blue Factory
Conferences, workshops, open networking and virtual kiosk tours organized by the Regroupement des Entreprises en Automatisation Industrielle du Québec.

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Virtual Market Public Recreation
Large virtual tradeshow bringing together more than 1000 representatives of municipal circles and suppliers of products and services, organized by the Alliance Québécoise du Loisir Public.

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